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Break through with Best Orthodontic Seminars & Sessions

BOSS is a breakthrough in interactive orthodontic learning, patient management and support for all general dental practitioners, their teams and dental specialists. Stay tuned!

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All new 2018
Total Immersion Program

Boss guarantees to improve your CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE and CASE ACCEPTANCE with orthodontics.

Choose 1 course, any combination of courses, or the entire program

Why Is BOSS For You?

BOSS is developed to help increase your CONFIDENCE, COMPETENCE and CASE ACCEPTANCE with orthodontics in your dental practice

  • Ongoing specialist support for orthodontic cases
  • Achieve excellent results predictably
  • Learn from some of Australia’s renowned dental specialists
  • Equal focus on clear aligners and fixed appliances
  • Complimentary business coaching by leading experts
  • Increase practice profitability
  • Take the stress out of your practice and gain access to mentorship
  • Evidence-based approach techniques

What People Are Saying

  • One word – FINALLY! BOSS is a breath of fresh air to the dental community.

    Its about time we as dental professional have a space to gather under, to expand our knowledge and be at the cusp of the latest international research. BOSS achieves this and more. There are programs and courses out there but they lack the passion, emotional and the comprehensive aspect of dental practice that BOSS gives to its members.

    Dr Vandana couldn’t be a better mentor. Within the first 5 minutes of hearing Dr Katyal speak you know her only focus is the patient. Exceedingly intelligent, internationally recognised and supportive, Dr Vandana Katyal brings it all to the table.
    Thank you Dr Vandana! – you’ve established what dentists have wanted and needed and filled the gap in the dental community.

    Penelope Kia, OHT, Sydney
  • I have been very happy working with Dr Vandana Katyal, as she is both knowledgable, efficient and makes herself very available. In the age of general dentists working with orthodontists, as part of adult restorative planning, her collaborative approach is wonderful for patients and clinicians alike. For general dentists who like to do basic orthodontic treatments, it is great to have an orthodontic specialist that welcomes this and helps with planning and pitfalls.

    Dr Frank Farrelly, Darlinghurst Dental, Sydney
  • Although completing quite a comprehensive orthodontics course, nothing compares to having a good mentor. Dr Katyal has given her time, attention and considerable knowledge to help with my orthodontic cases. She is open minded and uses an evidence based approach to her treatment planning. This means she gives multiple options as well and gives the pros and cons to each so that we know of all risks and benefits. By doing this she fosters discussion so that my knowledge expands as we discuss each case. On a personal note, it’s her warmth, friendliness and kind hearted approach that makes it easy to approach her with any questions I may have. I look forward to hearing more from her talk and lectures.

    Dr David Leong, Erko Dental, Sydney
  • I am a general dentist in Sydney and a BOSS student in 2016 and now 2017! For the past year BOSS has supported me though my introduction to clear aligners. No other course to my knowledge offers the one-on-one mentorship and case support provided by Dr. Katyal, which is tailored to your level of experience. The program gives you the confidence to provide complex and quality treatment of a Specialist standard. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

    Dr. Melissa Marinovic, Erko Dental, Erskineville
  • Boss is an amazing seminar well ran by Dr Katyal and her team. The group is small and Dr Katyal caters to the needs of the group. We bring cases along to discuss and we can interrupt to ask questions.
    It’s not like other seminars where you get lectured to and they take a few questions at the end . By which time you can’t remember the question you wanted to ask .
    The many lecturers are funny , informative and a pleasure to listen to . Ohh ohh I forgot … it’s held at the Hilton hotel and the food is unbelievable!!!

    Amy Lg, Dentist, Sydney

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