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Online Courses

Brush up on the latest orthodontic techniques at your own pace with our online courses.

Take your orthodontic knowledge to the next level, all from the comfort of your own home or office. Our online courses are typically available for viewing for four months after purchase.

CPD certificates will be available for download upon course completion.

  • Orthodontic Diagnosis
    2018 Course 1 Lecture 2: Oral Health and Orthodontic Records

    Unit 1. Learn key areas and how to assess dental, periodontal, mucosal and gingival health for orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. Unit 2. Learn about orthodontic photography standards, study model analysis, Bolton’s analysis and basics of cephalometrics. Earn 1.5 hr CPD. Recorded Live. Presented by Dr Vandana Katyal.

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    2018 Course 1 Lecture 4: Why Treat to Class I?

    Why should we treat to class I? The philosophies and evidence for static versus functional occlusion are discussed here. CPD 1.5 hrs. Presented by Dr Vandana Katyal, Orthodontist.

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  • Orthodontic Biomechanics and Anchorage
    2018 Course 1 Lecture 3: Anchorage and Biomechanics

    Learn all about orthodontic anchorage principles and tooth movement. Biomechanical principles of tooth movement are discussed. Arch wire material and sequence are also discussed. Gain CPD 1.5 hrs. Presented by Dr Vandana Katyal, Orthodontist.

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    Biomechanics 101

    This presentation by Dr Vandana Katyal covers – cellular and periodontal reactions to tooth movement, theories of tooth movement, forces and moments and applied biomechanics principles. Earn 1.5 hr CPD. Unlimited replays available for 120 days.

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  • Interdisciplinary Orthodontics
    Adult Orthodontics

    Understand factors behind motivation and psychosocial aspects of adult orthodontic treatments. Other areas discussed are periodontal and biomechanics consideration of adult orthodontic treatments.
    Co-presented by Dr Ehsan Mellati, Periodontist. Earn 1.5 hr CPD.
    Unlimited replays available for 120 days.

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    Soft Tissue Habits and Role of Oromyofunctional therapy

    Learn about abnormal soft tissue habits that can affect the dental and facial development. Habits covered are digit sucking, tongue posture and mouth breathing. From diagnosis to treatment planning, learn about the combined benefits of orthodontics and oromyofuncyional therapy for correcting these abnormal habits. Recorded live with Dr Vandana Katyal, Orthodontist and guest lecturer Rochelle McPherson, Oromyofunctional Therapist.

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  • Orthodontic Treatment Planning

    Learn the current uses of cephalometric in orthodontic treatment planning, airway screening and analyses. This video shows basic principles behind cephalometric analyses, how to identify major landmarks and screen for airways. Co-presented by Tiina Reno, radiographer Synesis Dental and Angela from CephX software.
    Earn 1.5 hr CPD. Recording can be viewed unlimited times for 120 days.

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    Introduction to Prioritised Problem List

    Introduction to Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning. Lecturer: Dr Vandana Katyal, Specialist Orthodontist, Sydney. We will be covering orthodontic records required and how to develop a prioritised problem list.

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    Functional Appliances

    Learn about basics and history of Class II functional appliance with an interactive webinar by Dr Vandana Katyal and Dr Mohammed Almuzian, Specialist Orthodontists. How do you adjust a twin block? What is the best timing for it? What is a good clinical protocol for functional appliances? Learn answers to all these questions with this 1.5 hr webinar recorded live.

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  • Clear Aligners Beyond Accreditation
    Clear aligner digital set up tips

    This webinar is presented by Dr Vandana Katyal and discussed clear aligner biomechanics, top clinical tips and what to watch out for when using clear aligner digital set ups. This course primarily highlights Invisalign Clincheck protocols recommended. Presented by Dr Vandana Katyal.
    Earn 1.5 hr CPD. Available for 120 days for unlimited views.

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    How to: Invisalign Teen

    This webinar is a How to on Invisalign Teen, top clinical tips and what to watch out for when using teen clear aligner digital set ups. This course primarily highlights Invisalign Teen Clincheck protocols recommended. Presented by Dr Vandana Katyal.
    Earn 1.5 hr CPD. Available for 120 days for unlimited views.

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  • Early Orthodontic Treatment and Growth
    Rapid Maxillary Expansion and Airway Orthodontics

    Presented by Dr Mohammed Almuzian, UK based Specialist Orthodontist. 1.5 hrs CPD gained.

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What People Are Saying

  • I am a general dentist in Sydney and a BOSS student in 2016 and now 2017! For the past year BOSS has supported me though my introduction to clear aligners. No other course to my knowledge offers the one-on-one mentorship and case support provided by Dr. Katyal, which is tailored to your level of experience. The program gives you the confidence to provide complex and quality treatment of a Specialist standard. Cannot recommend it highly enough!

    Dr. Melissa Marinovic, Erko Dental, Erskineville
  • Boss is an amazing seminar well ran by Dr Katyal and her team. The group is small and Dr Katyal caters to the needs of the group. We bring cases along to discuss and we can interrupt to ask questions.
    It’s not like other seminars where you get lectured to and they take a few questions at the end . By which time you can’t remember the question you wanted to ask .
    The many lecturers are funny , informative and a pleasure to listen to . Ohh ohh I forgot … it’s held at the Hilton hotel and the food is unbelievable!!!

    Amy Lg, Dentist, Sydney
  • Many thanks to BOSS and Dr Vandana Katyal for providing me with a great learning platform for clear aligners. With a previous background in fixed orthodontics, I have always been interested in incorporating clear aligners to give my patients all options when it comes to providing orthodontic treatment in my practice.

    After attending BOSS lectures, Dr Katyal has helped grow my confidence in using clear aligners by providing one on one mentoring on clin-checks and also going through some of her own cases that she is treating with Invisalign which has been an eye opener for myself.

    I have now got multiple cases of Invisalign undergoing and I don’t shy away in presenting clear aligners as a treatment option for patients requiring orthodontic treatment in my practice.

    Amrinder Oberoi, Dentist, Sydney
  • I have been attending BOSS Courses since early 2016, and am so pleased to have found Vandana and her team! As Orthodontics is such a vast study in itself, BOSS breaks it down into practical and easy to understand concepts, which allows you to become more aware of the orthodontic status of all your patients. I have found so much confidence in being able to deliver orthodontic treatment to my patients after attending BOSS. If you’re someone who hasn’t done any orthodontics and are looking for starter courses, this course is fantastic. It is also a great opportunity for those who have had orthodontic experience in the past (like myself) to enhance, grow and learn more!

    Dr Radhika Singh, Sydney
  • I just attended the 2018 Boss Course 1 in Melbourne. It was a comprehensive introduction into orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning. I have walked away feeling confident in my knowledge and abilities. I recommend this course to beginners and those with more experience. The group was small and the course felt tailored to our individual levels of experience. Dr Katyal was so kind and approachable and generously shared her knowledge. The course was heavily scientifically based and Dr Katyal frequently referred to the literature and gave recommended pre-readings to enhance our knowledge and make the most of the session.

    Dr Rachael McDonald, Dentist, Melbourne
  • Dr Katyal shares so much of her own protocol and is extremely generous not only with her time but with the well thought out information she provides along with the course such as inventory lists, marketing material and case presentation templates. She tailors her advice to your own experience and helps with appropriate case selection, points out possible pitfalls and helps you understand how to overcome them. The course is also up-to-date using the latest technologies in orthodontics and is heavily evidence-based.

    I would recommend it to anyone wanting to start doing some orthodontic treatment or looking for a more comprehensive course to assist in some ortho they are already doing.

    Dr Becky Dudman, Melbourne

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